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The Containit Bolt Rack Storage Shelving System and the Easy Rack Small Parts Shelving with Buckets are not only economical but also ideal for getting your workplace in order whilst saving space.

Workplaces have a huge array of small parts, heavy parts, bolts, nuts, gaskets, bearings, fittings, fixings, washers, PPE and many other general consumables that are used in many processes every day. The challenge is how to best organise, stock track, and preserve these items whilst also making it simple for the team to access these items quickly when required.

Inventory management of consumables and small parts is of particular importance to most sites yet also one of the biggest challenges faced in warehouse and workshop environments. Whilst some sites have fulltime managed warehouse or parts stores other sites run a self service unmanned store either full-time or just for the night shift, other sites run remote stores around their worksite to reduce downtime for maintenance teams in accessing the parts they require. As every site has different production output values and therefore importance on time there is no one sized fits all inventory management solution that all sites can adopt. There is however one constant regardless of how parts are issued out or tracked and that is how items are stored. Regardless of the situation better stored parts result in faster picking times, better preservation of parts and overall results in more accurate inventory management.

There is many ways to manage small items such as bolt drawers, nut and bolt storage shelves, high density drawer cabinet systems, workbench workstation drawer systems, individual crew lockers for tool and parts, parts bin on louvre panels but some of the most popular nut and bolt storage systems are the Containit Bolt Storage Rack and the Easy Rack with Small Parts Bins. Bolt storage racks are ideal for the heavier and bulkier style parts and where open one touch pick style inventory management is favoured. The easy rack with small parts buckets are ideal for where space utilisation is important and lots of small items are being stored as the dividers allow great segregation of these parts. Both systems utilise the same upright design and can therefore integrate together providing the best solution for small parts storage in industrial storage applications.

Whilst inventory management can be complex and seem overwhelming the team at Containit Solutions is experienced in specifying these across many industries throughout Australia including warehousing, maintenance area, workshops, parts stores, tool stores, vendor managed inventory situations, 3PL sites, construction applications, container stores and many more. We look forward to discussing your parts application, every site has unique parts storage challenges and your challenge presents us the opportunity to generate another world class workplace storage system.