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With large volumes of waste being handled in workplaces it’s important that we have correct waste handling equipment such as self-tipping bins. Waste such as cupboard, swarf, old rollers and many other types of waste in the past may have simply been put into a central waste bin. It’s likely you have several waste bin types of sites including metal recycling, cardboard recycling, green waste bin and possibly even poly pipe recycling depending on the type of facility you operate. Whatever waste types you are generating it’s important that your manual handling equipment is setup to handle the different processes effectively. For example, you might have a tipping bin for each type of waste so that your team can quickly and easily correctly allocate your waste recycling. You may need to consider having smaller bins closer to your work area with bin tippers that go into a larger bin on a daily or weekly internal pickup schedule. There are many available configurations that you can setup.

The Containit forklift bin tipper range is designed to suit standard forklifts so they can be utilised in most areas across your worksite. In addition to the tipping bin range, we also have a range of rotatable cages for recycling.