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Storeman® Longspan Systems - Containit Solutions

Containit Solutions is a specialist Australian supplier of warehouse and workshop equipment including a full range of Longspan Shelving Systems. Whether you need a few bays of shelving, some shelving systems accessories or a full warehouse fitted out with Storeman Longspan Shelving we can help. Containit solutions are Longspan shelving suppliers in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra, and regional locations Australia-wide.

Adjustable shelving is critical in today’s fast and ever-changing warehouse environments. Many warehouses and stocking thousands of different SKUs and in certain industries, rapid changing technology means your system must be flexible to adapt too.

Whilst Containit Solutions has a huge range of different stock storage solutions from pallet cages to high-density drawer cabinets, adjustable shelving system still has a large part to play in many workshops and warehouse fit out solutions.

The Containit range of adjustable shelving includes Longspan shelving with MDF, Longspan shelving with mesh decks, easy rack shelving, bolt rack shelving, parts bucket shelving, lockable Longspan shelves, and bucket shelf storage systems. With such as huge range of different systems it’s easy to be unsure of what system you should use to best store your stock. The Containit team is here to help you work through your specific application where it’s most likely to achieve the best warehouse storage solution you will have a number of solutions combined to best suit your changing needs.

When planning out your storage systems it’s also important to factor in some growth allowance in line with your companies growth target expectations to ensure that operationally you can meet the demand required by the business with extra stock volume. Not future-proofing often results in storage systems getting out of order and a major overhaul being required which puts pressure on your warehouse operations.

At Containit we’ve founded our organisation on delivering unique warehouse and workshop equipment including an adjustable Longspan shelving system. Whether you’re just after a small storage system or your need to complete a large warehouse storage solution we can help. With staff based around the country to assist with your requirements, it means that whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra, and regional locations we’re here to support you on the storage journey. Storage systems when set up right can drive operational efficiencies and conversely when done poorly can dictate your performance outputs – let us help you set up a world-class storage solution.