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Industrial Scales

Containit Solutions offers industrial weighing scales that are suitable for use in warehouses and workshops. Our industrial scales are capable of weighing items up to 3,000 kilograms. The platform sizes of our scales ranges from 310X220mm to 1200X1200mm. When it comes to finding the weight of a product, tool or other equipment in your workplace, use our range of for an accurate reading. Although they can provide the weight of a product, our scales are not suitable for point of sale calculations.

Every warehouse and distribution centre relies on dependable and efficient data to ensure safe working conditions and a top-end performance. Choosing the right warehouse weighing scale system and conducting standard weighing procedures is important when generating accurate data. Using a reliable weighing system in your warehouse operations improves the accuracy of shipping and enhances overall workflow productivity.

Warehouse weighing scales are an easy to way to make your warehouse areas, packing areas, dispatch facilities and stocktakes easier and can help reduce counting mistakes. Whether you need bench scales, general platform scales, heavy duty pallet scales, pallet truck scales or crane scales we have a product for your application. Use our weighing scales to provide reliable and accurate readings of your warehouse goods and pallets. Reliably accurate information reduces the chances of overloading during stacking, and the loading and dispatch of vans and trucks. At the delivery site, warehouse staff can unload the goods or pallets safely, with prior knowledge about the load received. Choose from our different weighing scales for accurate results.

Our Range of Warehouse Scales

We offer three types of warehouse weighing scales: Bench Scales, Platform Weighing Scales and Pallet Scales. First, our bench scales are versatile and are suitable for general daily use. Their weighing platform is made of stainless steel with a weighing capacity of 30kg.

Next, Our platform scales are warehouse floor scales that are designed for heavy-duty weighing. Their platform is made of standard stainless steel with a protective coating. Lastly, we have warehouse pallet scales that solve the challenges of weighing pallets and skids. Their platform is made of heavy-duty checker plate stainless steel and supplied with a wall mount weight display monitor.

With our warehouse weighing scales, you do not need to estimate or do complicated calculations on your warehouse goods and pallets.
Need help in choosing the right weighing scales? Call us for professional advice.