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Containit Solutions is a leading supplier of quality material handling equipment in Australia. Material handling equipment has become a critical solution for warehouses and workshops in Australia resulting in reduction in back injuries, repetitive strain injuries and other unsafe practices that were previously commonplace. In addition to reduction of incidents and injuries the manual handling risks have been reduced making Australian workplaces both more enjoyable and much safer.

The Containit Solutions range of materials handling range includes a large range of electric lift tables, mini scissor lift trolleys, low profile electric lift tables, spring lift pallet positioners, rotating electric lift tables, manual lift table trollies, manual pallet jacks, electric pallet trucks, modular conveyor systems, expandable conveyer systems, skate wheel conveyers, drum handling trolley’s, forklift drum handling jibs, drum rotators, straddle stackers, platform lifters, electric work positioners, powered tow tugs and more. This comprehensive range of manual handling lifting equipment covers the majority of workplace handling requirements and we can also assist with many other specialist handling systems as required.

When purchasing handing equipment it’s important that you consider multiple factors and not only the price. Some key factors include purchasing from a reputable supplier that is there to support you long term, ensuring the supplier invests the time to understand your personal requirements as there may be a better way to solve your challenges as well as ensuring that the equipment is quality and will handle the repetitive cycles that they need to endure in industrial workplaces.

In addition to the quality systems that Containit provides for solving handling issues we also ensure that the colour systems are aligned with all our other products such as trolleys, parts storage rack, high density drawer systems, tool boards etc so that your workplace has a consistent look throughout to help ensure you’re giving the team the world class working environment so they can enjoy coming to their workspace every day.

Material handling solutions are not just about reducing accidents and life changing injuries it’s also about reducing required effort. If the team aren’t using maximum effort but achieving the same output it allows them not only to go home feeling better but also allows them more time to think creatively about process improvement both in areas of handling, general work processes and other safety and business improvement strategies.

If you’re in Australia, whether it be Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra or a regional location, Containit Solutions can assist with your warehouse and workshop materials handling projects, fitouts and general requirements.