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Heavy Duty Modular Mesh Locker Series

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This storage locker series is ideal for industrial storage applications for a range of applications including PPE storage, personal effect storage, kit bags, daily equipment issue out and more. Our metal locker range is modular in nature versus traditional method of manufacturing to order which is both costly and time consuming to purchase.

The modular mesh locker series offered by Containit Solutions is designed to maximise your budget through mass production which effectively means you get more lockers for your available spend. This series is available in 1, 2 and 3 door variations and has adjustable height shelving to ensure flexibility according to your storage requirements. A range of options including locker hanging rail, sloping top and forklift base. The locker comes standard with the ability to be padlocked and include adjustable feet as standard.

Whether your workplace is a warehouse, workshop, school, gym or an office block, secure storage is important. Whilst you can request a specially manufactured metal locker system this will likely not look good when integrated into your work area. The Containit locker range has gone through a design process to ensure that not only is it functional but so that it also looks professional in your environment.

The anti-tamper system has been designed with user experience in mind and the security locker system we have introduced doesn’t interfere with simple and easy use. Our storage lockers are the ultimate solution for heavy duty storage and have a range of advantageous versus poly lockers including additional storage space and great airflow.
Locker installation has traditionally been challenging but this locker system is easy to install and has been designed with the end in mind. With integrated fasteners, common fixings and assembly instructions you can be sure that your install will be easily explainable to your team or the contractors. We look forward to discussing your storage fit out.