Containit Solutions have a complete storage and materials handling catalogue designed to make warehouse staff, maintenance staff, workshop staff, production staff and other staff in similar roles safer, more efficient and importantly the buying process smoother and easier. We have a huge range of unique storage solutions and manual handling solutions including patented products which will help improve your site.

The Containit catalogue range is segregated into 9 sections including; Storage Cages & Pallet Systems, High Density Tools & Parts Storage, Shelving Systems, Adjustable Access Platforms & Ladders, Bunding & Spill Containment, Dangerous Goods Storage, Site Storage Systems & Craneable Boxes, Warehouse & Workshop Equipment, Materials Handling & Drum Handling. With our design and engineering team consistently introducing new unique concepts to help solve warehouse risks, workshop risks, warehouse challenges and workshop challenges please be sure to check back in with us regularly to see what new solutions we have to assist in making your workplace safer and easier to operate in.