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IBC Bunding - Containit Solutions

We have a wide range of intermediate bulk container (IBC) bunded pallets that are designed for the mass storage and transport of both combustible and non-combustible liquids. Our range of IBC tanks includes polyethylene and heavy-duty galvanised bund pallets that come in different sizes and capacities. We offer an optional drain plug that suits our poly IBC bunded pallets. Find reliable IBC storage bunds in Australia.

Our range of IBC bunding also includes spill pallets. They are bunded secondary containment items that are made to hold the IBC bunded pallets. They are designed to catch the spill or leaks of the container’s contents. Our spill pallets come in various sizes to accommodate our bunded pallets.

Bunded Pallets and Storage Solutions

If you want to minimise health and safety risks when handling intermediate bulk containers (IBC) onsite, our IBC bunded pallets are an excellent solution. IBC spill pallets are storage solutions that are made to contain leakage and spillage and to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Our range of IBC bunded pallets is fully compliant with regulations including correct bund capacity assisting in workplace safety. They suit industrial environments, giving you high-quality storage equipment that will last you years.

Proper Usage

When storing your IBC tanks, be sure you categorise the contents of the tanks according to hazardous and non-hazardous substances. Be sure to keep all hazardous chemicals in one area to prevent unnecessary health or safety risks onsite. It is critical to ensure that non compatible chemicals are not stored together and that relevant segregation distances are adhered to.

Also, make use of detachable dispensing trays to contain spills when dispensing liquid from the IBC tanks. This minimises leakage and slippage.

Versatile IBC Bund Pallets

Our IBC containment pallets are capable of storing different types of liquids for throughout industry. For the oil industry, they can store petrochemical products such as oil, solvents, detergents and adhesives. They can also be used in food processing plants as they can store food syrups and other food ingredients in liquid form.

Our range of bunded pallets are suited for both indoor and outdoor storage. The proper storage of IBC tanks in your workplace is an important part of workplace safety of the environment, property and staff. If you intend to store IBC containers outdoors, use our flexible PVC weathercover that protects your bund pallets from the elements. If you are unsure of where to safely place your IBC pallets, give us a call to discuss how we can help make your site storage compliant to Australian safety standards.

Our Range of IBC Containment Pallets

We have a wide range of IBC spill bunds to meet your storage requirements. We have metal and polyethylene bunding that have capacities of up to 1,250 litres. Our metal IBC containers are zinc-plated to ensure long-term use and corrosion resistance. As for our poly bunds, they come with a fibreglass grating that preserves the container’s contents and makes the container durable. Our metal and poly bunded pallets come in one or two containers depending on how many you require.

Why Choose Containit Solutions for IBC Containment Bunds?

Containit Solutions is a leading designer, importer and manufacturer of high quality industrial storage systems and materials handling solutions. We service many industries across Australia with industry approved IBC spill containment pallets, helping create productive and organised warehouse environments. We also provide ongoing technical and general support for all our IBC containment bunds.

We’re about providing unparalleled customer service, which is why we always put our core values into practice:

  • Quality – all our products undergo thorough testing and assessment
  • Trust – we treat our customers with integrity and honesty
  • Innovation – we constantly strive to improve and refine our solutions
  • Responsibility – we take accountability for our actions

If you need assistance in selecting the right bunded pallet, our customer support team will gladly help you in choosing the best type to meet your requirements.

Call us for any enquiries about our IBC bunding and IBC trolleys.