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Steel Pallets

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Containit Solutions specializes in heavy duty steel pallet and stillage systems for storage and transport. With shortages of timber and rising associated costs along with the risks of timber pallets being non rated, steel pallets are becoming more popular for storage and transport applications within organizations that are focused on safety and sustainability. Safe storage of products in pallet racking with engineered solutions is critical.

The steel pallets are designed to withstand the bumps and knocks found in transport and warehousing environments. Their base incorporates our world-first positive locking design ensuring that when placed correctly into standard Australian pallet racking they can’t slide off. The anti-tipping bar system is designed to help reduce chances of safety incidents in heavy forklift braking situations and uneven surfaces. The 4 corner section allows 40 x 40mm RHS corner posts to be bolted in for containing long and awkward items. There are 3 different deck options for these storage pallets -plain bars, mesh or sheet.

Metal Pallets are a Cost Saver and Environment Friendly

This zinc plated metal pallet is an economical solution that becomes a long term cost saver. Due to their heavy duty design they long outlast a timber pallet which as replaced have an environmental impact. One of the key benefits of steel pallets over timber pallets is that steel can be rated by an engineer whereas timber pallets won’t be meaning there is uncertainly in your safety. Purchasing steel pallets is an investment that pays off and improves safety conditions.

Redefine Your Supply Chain with Containit Solutions.

The team at Containit look forward to discussing more about your supply chain requirements and risks and where our pallet solutions might be able to assist along with our full range of in stock industrial storage solutions.