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Warehouses often keep the majority of business’ inventory – if the warehouse is taken care of, the business is better able to run smoothly. With an unorganised layout, however, your warehouse will not be able to serve you efficiently.

Maximise your warehouse space by utilising an efficient storage system. Use equipment that will help you improve the way you store things, such as pallet storage cages and stillage systems from Containit Solutions.

Go-to Pallet Storage and Stillage Equipment Supplier

Containit Solutions is Australia’s leading supplier of pallet cages and stillage systems. Pallet storage cages and stillage systems improve storage, increase efficiency, help maintain lean processes and reduce workplace safety issues. Containit Solutions have pallet cages and stillage systems solutions for every application including; transport, storage on indoor and outdoor pallet racking, stacking in warehouse workshop and storage facilities, warehousing, long term storage, storage of spares stock and parts and many other applications.

Full Selection of Pallet and Stillage Cages

From collapsible metal to timber base, we offer a selection of pallet and stillage cages. They are available in different heights and sizes, and are the perfect storage equipment to stack and arrange a variety of small things. We also have weatherproof storage boxes and large stillage cages with wheels which are ideal for transporting things in and out of the warehouse. We also have a range of pallet retainers and post and pipe stillages for different applications.

Types of Pallet Systems

  • Collapsible Mesh Storage Cages — Versatile and easy to store, our collapsible metal pallet cages can be stacked either collapsed or assembled.
  • Collapsible Metal Base Pallet Cages — Similar to our mesh pallet cages, our metal base pallet cages offer additional support with a solid base.
  • Knockdown Metal Base Pallet Cages — Ideal for transport, these storage cages feature a front fold down gate and rear wing gate. Both can be removed for easy access.
  • Timber Base Pallet Cages — a variation of our metal base pallet cages, this storage cage has a timber base and is suitable for heavier duty applications.
  • Weatherproof Transport and Storage Boxes — For a weatherproof storage cage solution, our transport boxes keep your items protected from the elements.
  • Logistics and Storage Cages — Our logistics and storage cages allow you to stack and store smaller items with ease.
  • Pallet Retainers — Our timber pallet retainers are a practical solution for containing goods on pallets.
  • Drum Secure Pallet System — This heavy duty storage system allows you to easily strap and unstrap drums to keep them from shifting while on the pallet.
  • Post and Pipe Stillages — Stillage cages are ideal for storing long items that do not need to be secured in pallet cages.
  • Pallets — We offer a range of steel and plastic pallets for efficient transport of stock.
  • Plastic and Poly Pallet Boxes — Ideal for storing and protecting smaller items, plastic pallet box provide safe and easy access to your stock.
  • Extra Large Collapsible Transport and Storage Cage — Our storage cages can fit Australian standard pallets inside. Lockable and secure, they ensure your products are protected.

Quality Pallet Systems for Different Industries

Quality is one of the seven core values of Containit Solutions. We ensure outstanding quality for every pallet and stillage system we deliver. After all, we understand how difficult it is to maintain organisation in a warehouse or workshop.

Our pallet and cage storage units are used to increase storage efficiency and reduce workplace safety issues. We offer many types of pallets systems and storage cages designed for applications in different industries. Primarily, they are ideal long-term storage units for businesses with warehouses and workshops. For example, they can be used in the transport industry to store the spare parts of vehicles or construction materials at a builders merchants.

If you need to keep goods safe and secure during storage or when you need to transport them in, out or around your warehouse, our pallet and stillage cages provide a reliable option. They are easy to attach to a forklift or pallet jack to ease the mobility of stock. As warehouse safety is a major requirement, and with strict regulations established by the government’s Safe Work Australia, our cage storage and pallet systems reduce the risk of toppling. With our range of storage solutions, you’ll have a safe and solid option.

Various Applications of Our Wire Mesh Storage Cages

  • Heavy Parts Storage – ensure your heavy parts and equipment is safely contained in pallet storage cages to reduce the chance of items falling off your pallet racking.
  • Stock Storage – Store your stock in wire mesh storage cages to reduce your inventory damage.
  • Retail Storage – ensure that all your valuable items are safe and secure in the stockroom with our mesh pallet cages.

Whatever your storage requirement, our wire mesh cages are the go-to solutions for space and visibility.

Easy Purchase Process

You can shop around for a pallet that you need from the comfort of your own desk in your workplace. With our four-step quote request process, we make purchasing easier for you. Just follow these simple steps and you will receive adequate information about an item or items you wish to purchase. We also have a team of sales representatives who will guide you through this process so you can get the product that perfectly suits your needs.

With our large stock of quality pallet cages and stillage systems, we can meet a variety of storage needs. More importantly, we match our products with a customer-focused service so we can deliver the promise we made – to make industrial storage easy and safe for our clients.

About Containit Solutions

At Containit Solutions, it is our mission to provide our customers with easy access to practical and quality storage solutions for a safer, more organised and more productive work environment. We have been a trusted designer, importer and manufacturer for excellent industrial storage systems for years, cementing our reputation as an industry leader in Australia.

We service a wide range of industries across Australia, from manufacturing and construction, to mining and government. We operate from our large Distribution Centre that allows us to cater to both small and large projects with ease. Containit Solutions also employs a reliable technical support team that our customers can rely on at all times.

Our customer service representatives are always available to assist you. Contact us if you have questions, or browse through our catalogue to find the right pallet system for your warehouse.