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Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

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Dangerous goods storage is an area of upmost importance and of the least understood requirements in Australian workplaces. DG storage can seem like a minefield until you understand that there are basic principles which will help stand you in good stead in understanding your compliance requirements on a day to day basis, which in addition of course you should engage a DG consultant and a storage expert such as Containit Solutions to help move you to a compliant state and ensure you stay compliant as your requirements change.

Containit have a range of cabinet systems to suit indoor and outdoor applications – it’s important that you ensure if you’re storing indoors that you have an indoor storage cabinet and likewise if you’re storing outdoors that the cabinet is suitable for outdoor storage, this is important to remember as the 2 are not interchangeable. Storage options include flammable liquids, corrosive substances, toxic storage cabinets and more.

Dangerous Goods Storage Tips

  • Ensure you don’t store incompatible goods together e.g. class 3 flammable liquids and class 8 corrosive substances
  • Ensure your dangerous goods storage is an area with good air flow
  • Just because you’re storing your dangerous goods in an Australian standards style cabinet it doesn’t mean you are meeting Australian Standards. There are other factors to keep in mind which apply under Australian Standards such as maximum storage per floor area which is particularly important in a multi-story facility.
  • Ensure your dangerous goods area is secure so as to prevent unauthorised access
  • Remember to review your site risk assessment, council requirements stated on your development application or specific site based rules that apply to your site.

Containit Solutions are the experts in providing solutions for gas storage, dangerous goods storage and liquid bunding storage. Our experienced team know the Australian Standards to ensure we are providing our customers with world class solutions to your unique requirements. We’d love to discuss your storage issue today and we feel our expert knowledge and advice is all part of giving you a WOW experience.