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High Density Drawer Cabinets

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Proper storage of tools increases efficiency and ensures that your gear is organised and ready for use anytime. Containit Solutions is a proud distributor of Storeman® high density, heavy duty storage cabinets. Used by many of Australia’s largest companies, the industrial storage cabinets are ideal for sorting and organising tools and parts at warehouses, workshops and production facilities.

Our Storeman® cabinets feature a full range of adjustable drawer compartment options. Cabinet units are available with between four and 13 drawers; each drawer has a maximum holding capacity of 140kg. The cabinets have a central key drawer locking system to ensure quick and efficient security. They also have an anti-tilt safety lockout system that only allows one drawer to be opened at a time.

Our heavy duty storage cabinets are robust enough to endure the rugged demands of any workplace. They’re also versatile enough to suit different types of facility and fit in a range of configurations. With a wide range of sizes and styles available, you are more likely to find the right storage cabinet for your requirements with Storeman®.

Highly Efficient Storage Compartments & Industrial Steel Draws

As an experienced industrial storage supplier, we understand that many businesses require different types of storage solutions to get the most out of their workspace. For businesses that using a large number of tools and small parts, we offer a range of high density industrial cabinets for better organisation and storage in one place.

Our range of high-quality storage cabinets are designed with adjustable drawers that make it easy for you to locate tools and parts whenever you need them. The Storeman® heavy-duty industrial cabinets are used by many large companies in Australia because they are reliable, competitively-priced and in stock for fast delivery. When you use our high density storage systems, expect to save up to 80 per cent storage space in your warehouse.

Our Storeman® Storage Cabinets

We have a broad range of heavy duty industrial storage cabinets to suit different storage requirements. Whatever your storage requirements, our cabinets provide the right storage system for your warehouse or workshop. Our range includes four types of Storeman® High Density Cabinets: 815mm, 1225mm, 1400mm and the 2000mm series.

The 815, 1225 and 1440MM series are available in four to 13 drawers with optional features such as a plywood top, forklift base and sloping top roof. The 2000MM series comes in three types of cabinets: open top, metal door and clear door. All our high density cabinets’ drawers come in either plastic bucket compartments or metal drawer dividers.

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