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Timber Base Pallet Cages

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The Containit Solutions Easy Store cages is comprised of 3 timber based pallet cage models. These economical pallet cages are ideal for warehouse storage applications. Whether storing cartons, components or gearboxes in your racking, all present a major safety risk if not stored safely and securely. Whilst warehouses have traditionally relied on wrapping and strapping to contain goods it’s becoming more common for warehouses to use pallet storage cages and pallet convertors to eliminate the risk of items not being secured correctly to the pallet which in turn could lead to a major safety incident.

These storage cages are a solid design as the cage is bolted through the bearers helping to combine the pallet cage and the pallet as one structure. Whilst routine maintenance checks should be undertaken to review the integrity of the pallets this design versus traditional designs is less likely to incur damage which has previously commonly been on the corners of the pallet. Strength of a pallet cage design is a key part of deciding which model you should use to improve safety in your warehouse.

Containit Solutions delivers pallet cages nationally so whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra or a regional location, Containit Solutions can assist with your pallet storage cage requirements. Contact us to discuss the best cage for your specific storage or transport application.