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Forklift Jibs

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Forklift attachments are an important asset used in warehouses and workshops across Australia to reduce handling risks and make heavy duty lifting tasks safer and easier. Containit Solutions have a range of forklift jib solutions available including lifting jibs, forklift extension slippers, drum lifter attachments, bin tippers, dumping bins and many more!

Containit Solutions have expertise in improving materials handling outcomes for Australian workplaces. There is a lot to consider when looking to improve your workplace storage and handling practices and our team look forward to guiding you through the process. Whether you’re just after one 2500kg forklift jib attachment or you require assistance with a full warehouse project or workshop fitout we can assist. With over 5000m2 of storage at our assembly and distribution centre we can service both large and small projects in a timely manner. We also have sales staff based around the country to help provide advice.