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Warehouse trolleys for sale can greatly reduce the need for manual handling in your facility. These heavy duty trolleys are designed to assist in moving items from one point to another, reducing the risk of workplace injuries caused by hazardous manual handling.

By using heavy-duty warehouse trolleys, you can avoid unnecessary strain and improve overall efficiency in your warehouse. Whether you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia, we offer a wide range of warehouse trolleys and cages on wheels to suit your specific needs. Invest in a warehouse trolley today and experience the benefits of safer and more efficient material handling.

There are a huge range of trolley types available for stock movement and storage such as lockable warehouse trollies, stock picking trollies, staging trollies, roll cage trollies, platform trollies, logistics cages, maintenance trollies, service trollies, Kanban trollies, storage trollies and even tool and parts trollies. All of these systems are designed to make handling processes simpler and reduce musculoskeletal injury likelihood. Improving handling process reduces stresses on your team’s body by reduction of handling heavy and awkward items. Whilst other systems such as electric lift tables, work positioners, conveyors and other materials handling equipment will form part of your risk mitigation and efficiency procedure trollies are a pivotal solution given their mobility around your workplace.

Ergonomic designs offered by Containit will help remove handling issues and in addition to this there are also height adjustable units if the common handling solutions offered don’t meet your specific requirements. It’s important to remember that whether you’re handing boxes, stock, equipment, parts, batteries or other common items although they may seem standard, when you apply repetition, you are getting closer to an injury the more times you repeat the operation. Containit can help you provide a participative process with your team to ensure that all the risks are considered before presenting a solution which you can purchase and significantly reduce the risks that exist in your warehouse or workshop.

Other trolley types are available through Containit Solutions and shown in other locations on our website including battery handling trollies, pallet trucks, electric pallet jacks, linefeed trollies, drum trollies, drum rotator trollies, post & pipe trolley racks and more.
We look forward to discussing the safety risks that exist in your operation and helping you on the path to improving ergonomics in your facility to ensure that your work environment for your team is improved.