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Containit Solutions is Australia’s leading Pallet Storage Cages and Stillage Systems supplier, and this unit is another example of our innovative products designed to help save space and increase efficiency. These pallet cages can fit a full standard Australian pallet inside making it ideal for applications such as trade shows, onsite storage, job lot consolidation, BOMs (Bill of Materials), and shutdowns. These units are collapsible, stackable (collapsed or assembled) and are very easy to access with 2 half fold down and fully removable gates.

The advantage of an oversized cage is that full pallet loads of product can be directly loaded into the pallet cage and stored ready for your next project, saving you unloading time. This is particularly useful in occasions where the whole pallet load of product is going to be used in a specific area, however if product is going to be used in several areas then it is best to hand unload the product and load them directly into standard pallet cages and ideally your vendor will do this and deliver the goods to site preloaded into your pallet cage.