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Containit Solutions is a leading supplier of spill containment systems such as bunded pallets, IBC storage units, spill pallets for drums and other secondary containment systems but we also offer a range of specialized spill containment solutions including drum dispensing systems, IBC dispensing systems, drum trolleys, drum rotators, bunded shelving, lockable drum storage and more!

Spill containment Australian Standards can seem challenging to interpret and whilst you can engage a third party consultant, the team at Containit Solutions are experts at assisting customers in the Australian industry best understand how to comply and how to practically integrate this into your workplace. When purchasing new industrial storage equipment, it’s easy to consider the new asset in isolation but it’s critical that you consider the impacts and changes to your workplace environment. Contact the team at Containit to discuss how to best store and handle your chemicals as well as other storage systems you need for your warehouse and workshop.