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High Density Tools And Parts Storage

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Based on the concept of condensing stored items into a small space, high-density parts storage is one of the effective tools to achieve a streamlined storage system in a warehouse or workshop. Compared with traditional lateral cabinets, high-density storage systems provide the same storage capacity for less space. With this type of storage, you eliminate excess aisles and make better use of floor space.

Australia’s Leading Supplier of Quality Storage Systems

As the leading supplier of quality storage systems in Australia, Containit Solutions is your go-to company when it comes to high-density parts storage. Containit Solutions’ range of high-density tool and parts storage systems are a fantastic way to better organise your tools, parts, stock and generally improve your use of space. They are ideal for many applications including warehouses, workshops, workbenches, storerooms, maintenance centres, distribution centres, parts stores and many other workplace applications.

The Use Of High Density Storage Systems

High density tool storage systems help maximise space and provide easy access to all of your tools. An organised workstation greatly improves efficiency, helping you find the tools you need, when you need it.

High density tool storage cabinets allow you to store a greater number of items even with limited space. This increases the functionality of your workbenches. Besides workshops, the construction and warehousing industries use high density storage systems as space-saving storage equipment. For instance, using our high density cabinets can save up to 80 per cent of storage space in a warehouse. Not only are they used as space-saving storage, but they also keep tools and parts safe from theft, since our high density cabinets come with a central key drawer locking system.

There are different types of high density storage systems to make access to your tools and parts easier and more efficient. Bolt racks, for example, store and sort smaller parts such as bolts, screws and gaskets. Another storage system that is suitable for small fasteners is our small parts storage drawers. This storage system enables you to label each drawer according to the small parts it contains. A good storage system also allows you to keep inventory of these items so that you can replenish your stock when needed.

A Range of High-Density Storage Systems

Containit Solutions quality High Density Storage range includes; High Density Drawer Storage Cabinets, Parts Storage Systems, Tool Storage Systems, Tool Storage Lockers, Bolt Racks, Plastic Parts Bins, Heavy Duty Drawer Cabinets, Workstation Cabinets, Heavy Duty Workbenches, Lockable Tool Cabinets, Heavy Duty Workshop Solutions, Louvre Panels, Heavy Duty Workshop Trolleys, High Density Tool and Parts Trolleys, Line Feed Trolleys and more.

By optimising your storage space with our high density storage systems, you can maximise space, increase productivity and improve the operations in your workplace. Our range of tool storage systems helps you streamline your operations and update your storage equipment with the latest high density storage equipment on the market.

If you need assistance in choosing the right storage system for your application, give us a call and we will recommend the best option to meet your requirements.

High-Density Tool and Parts for Storage Solutions

At Containit Solutions, we carry a wide range of high-density storage systems, from tool storage cabinets to heavy-duty workbenches. Each unit is designed to optimise your storage space and increase productivity in the workplace. With our storage solutions, you can upgrade your facilities and streamline operations while staying within your budget.

Advantages of High-Density Storage Systems

Created to maximise space, high-density storage is an effective way to achieve a streamlined tool storage system in a workshop or a warehouse. For less space, they offer the same storage capacity as traditional lateral cabinets. When you choose this kind of storage for your site, you also remove excess aisles and make better use of your floor space. Keeping your workplace organised and well-kept greatly improves productivity and efficiency.

High-density tool storage systems also provide easy access to all of your tools, helping you find the one you need, when you need it. They are cost-effective alternatives to buying several storage units for your tools and parts, as well as a smarter option for those who want to reduce the amount of storage equipment onsite.

Leading Supplier of Quality Storage Solutions

Containit Solutions is one of the most trusted industrial storage suppliers in Australia. We have a range of high-density tool and small parts storage drawers that keep your work environment in order and enhance productivity. We have worked with many warehouses, workshops and maintenance centres across the country, providing them with storage equipment that they can use for years.

Whether it’s a tool storage cabinet or a heavy-duty workshop trolley you need, we have the solution for you. If you need assistance in choosing the best storage system for your work environment and application, feel free to give us a call. Our team will recommend the best option that best matches your requirements.