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Materials handling equipment is critical for use in Australian workplaces with approximately 1 in 6 Australians suffering from general back pain and around 3% of the population chronic back pain. Whilst clearly back pain is caused by many things other than workplace activity it’s important to ensure that in your environment is not creating possibilities to cause back injuries through poor process.

Containit has a range of work positioners, platform stackers and straddle stackers. The key benefit of work positioners and platform stackers is that you can take most of the effort of lifting items from point to point. They are available as manual or electric and in various capacities. For example if you’re unloading a box off your shelving and need to take it across your facility and load it onto a workbench you can take away the effort of this task very simply rather than risking a back strain in what is a common task and if done with repetition will eventually result in a strain.