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Logistics & Storage Cages

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Containit Solutions supplies different types of logistics and storage cages that are available in various sizes. They are designed for securely storing goods in a warehouse or workshop. Their solid wire mesh keeps goods from getting damaged and simplifies the search process since the contents are always visible when stored in a cage.

Logistics and storage cages are also made for transporting goods from one area to another. Having a cage storage system allows goods to be easily transported and helps warehouse operations become fast and efficient. Containit Solutions can assist you in selecting the storage cage best suited to the goods or equipment you have in your warehouse or workshop.

Benefits of Using Metal Cages

Our logistics and storage cages are made with four wheels attached to the bottom of the cage. This means the cage can be manually moved without the need of forklifts to transport your goods. During transport, your goods are safe, secured and well protected. You can take advantage of the vertical space of the cage by stacking your goods in an orderly arrangement.

Some storage cages have the option of shelves to help you make maximise the use of space. Using logistics and storage cages in your workshop or warehouse makes efficient use of space and provides an economical transport solution.

Our Range of Logistics and Storage Cages

Our logistics and storage cages come with different features. Our 1360 cage comes with a single point castor lock that automatically locks all four castors. It is suitable for many industries including warehousing, transport and manufacturing. Its special base design allows it to be stored on pallet racking. From general transport of goods to assisting the flow of goods in processing plants, the 1360 storage cage has the ability to streamline storage processes.

We also offer storage boxes and adjustable metal shelves to improve the organisation of goods in the cages. The storage boxes come in different sizes to accommodate tools and equipment of varying sizes, while the metal shelves can be adjusted in 50mm increments.

Need help with selecting your logistics and storage cage? Give us a call.