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Containit Solutions offers a range of storage products that helps address issues related to the organisation, safety, and handling of materials in storage facilities across Australia. To meet clients’ storage needs, the company keeps a large stock of equipment for warehouses and workshops.

A Range of Equipment

Containit Solutions’ warehouse range includes Lockable Steel Storage cupboards, PPE Storage Cupboards, Utility Storage Lockers, Steel Lockers, Warehouse Workbenches, Office Mats, Industrial Mats, Ergonomic Mats, Safety Mats, Industrial Polyurethane Floor Paint and Coatings, Floor Sweepers, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Industrial Floor Scrubbers, Warehouse Scales, Heavy Duty Pallet Scales, Counting Scales, Plastic Storage Containers, Stackable Parts Containers, Forklift work platforms and more.

Quality Products

Apart from an abundant inventory, Containit Solutions is known for the safety of its products and for providing excellent customer service. We make sure that our warehouse storage equipment meet or exceed our quality standards. After all, these products are meant to ensure safety, save space, and maximise efficiency in your storage facility. Expect that every equipment we provide is in optimum condition.

Direct Supplier

We manufacture, import and supply warehouse and workshop equipment directly to our customers. Since we’ve cut the “middle man” out of our business transaction, we are able to offer a competitive price for our products. If you plan to overhaul your storage system, we have special deals for bulk orders as well.

Experienced Representatives

We provide an easy quote request process for our warehouse and workshop storage equipment. We also have a team of experienced representatives who guide you in selecting the ideal item for your needs. You can’t afford to get a warehouse fit-out wrong, so trust our expertise in storage systems to help you organise your warehouse and buy the right product for your operations.

Continuous Support

Our service doesn’t end when we deliver your order, though. When you have a general question or need assistance with your new workshop equipment, we are here to help you. Our services have always been customer-focused and we stay true to our company culture and tagline: “We Make It Easy”.

For all your warehouse storage equipment needs, don’t hesitate to call us, or simply check this page to find the equipment you require.