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Adjustable Access Platforms & Ladders

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The Containit Solutions range of fixed and adjustable work platform ladders are designed to make access to stock, equipment, fixed plant and machinery safe and easy.

The adjustable access work platform series is made up of 2 models. The first model adjusts from 2m to 2.8m and the second model from 2.8m to 4m! The major benefits of these 2 models is that between them they cover 2m of access heights reducing the need for multiple fixed access platforms which are limited in their applications. These safe access platforms are smart in their design with a hand pump system for raising (or an electric upgrade option if preferred) and a release knob for lowering to a precise height. Access to equipment such as loaders, excavators, and dump trucks for overhauls or routine maintenance tasks can commonly use over 15 different ladder changes resulting in your equipment being out of action for longer then necessary. The additional benefit of the adjustable access platforms is that they are classed as a stair rather then a ladder making them much safer for carrying out these maintenance activities.