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Containit Solutions is a leading Australian supplier of Dangerous Goods Storage solutions. Containit has a wide range of Gas Cylinder Storage and Storage Cages. Correct Storage of Dangerous Goods is critical to the protection of people, the environment and our property and is also a requirement of many insurance policies.

Our range of gas cages, aerosol stores and gas cylinder cages are designed to ensure they are compliant with Australian standards including critical compliance points such as ventilation requirements, safety signage including relevant class diamond and warning signage, non-combustible construction, restraint straps or chains, heavy duty design to reduce possible impact to gas cylinders. Our gas storage solutions include forklift bases for relocation (not strap models to be relocated when empty only), pad lockable for extra security and coated according to the relevant environment designed for to assist in longevity.

Our team looks forward to discussing your specific gas storage requirements to assist in compliance. Just as you do with implementation of any new storage system or workflow change you may need to consider conducting a fresh risk assessment given the change of work environment.