Hose Storage Shelving

Hose Storage Shelving - Containit Solutions

Storage of crimped hydraulic hoses and v belts is a huge challenge faced in heavy industrial workplaces throughout Australia. Poor storage of hydraulic hoses not only results in lengthy picking times it also results in damages to these expensive hoses and if the damage goes unchecked can lead to fires in machinery and more maintenance activities required to be conducted.

The Containit range of hose storage racks is available in stationary, mobile and also to suit Australian standard pallet racking systems. Not only do the Containit Hose Storage systems improve picking time and reduce damage they also improve your storage area by allowing up to 200 hoses to be stored in a 2.5m section which results in a massive storage are reduction. The heavy duty sliding track system incorporated into these racks allows operators to slide the hose modules sideways allowing the operator to easily pick the required hose or v-belt. The mobile hose racks have been reported to save up to 4 hours of time in a shutdown operation!

The team at Containit looks forward to working through your hose storage or v belt storage challenges that your organisation is facing. In addition to the standard systems we offer we’ve also specifically configured systems to suit unique applications and we look forward to solving your specific storage challenge.