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Tool Storage Boards & Tool Hooks

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Tool holder systems from Containit are ideal for a large of range of storage applications in the workplace. Whether you are storing tools in your workshop workstation on your warehouse workbench, on your assembly floor linefeed trolley or in your outdoor site box our range of tool hooks are ideal for separating and best storing tools in a way that makes them easy to access and just as importantly put away when you aren’t requiring them.

We offer tool holders as individual items ranging from single prong hooks, bottle holders or mesh baskets as well as 20 or 40 piece tool holder kits. Tool holders can be used in many ways you may not have considered and may even be able to be modified onsite to suit your specific application depending on the backing plate on the tool hook used. Having a great place to store your tools means that they won’t just be left lying on your workshop bench chewing up workspace or even worse on the floor creating a safety trip hazard. With slips trips and falls some of the most common incidents to occur in workplaces it’s important to have a clean, tidy and organised work area that reduces clutter and ensures that everything has a place to be stored.