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We have a range of anti-fatigue mats and a range of other available matting solutions for wet and dry area applications, greaseproof for workshop applications and for use in standup desk or workshop bench applications.

Anti-Fatigue Matting Benefits to users include Increasing productivity, reducing tiredness and fatigued and decreasing aches and pains.

The Containit range of anti-fatigue matting provide comfort underfoot with cushioning which promotes subtle foot movement which in turn prevents the body from being in a static position. This encourages improving circulation and encourages blood flow.
Choosing the best matting for your warehouse or workshop improves the daily experience for your warehouse and workshop team as well as improving productivity, decreasing fatigue and improving overall staff wellbeing. Safety mats provide a layer of cushioning between your shoes and the hard cold floor. Matting is an essential pillar of safety implementation strategy. Whilst we often don’t consider it, during a day’s work we are regularly twisting and turning which puts pressure on joints and muscles which the anti-fatigue matting can help reduce pressure and provide support and comfort.

Spending long hours on your feet is a risk which should have been consider in your site risk assessment but maybe in addition to your site the new area didn’t get included in a risk assessment. When you are making changes to your workplace it’s important to consider what new risks you’ve introduced in your warehouse or workshop application. Contact our team today to discuss arranging a site consultation so we can help improve your storage, improve safety, reduce handling risks and help you identify other safety risks that you may not have yet considered. We look forward to helping you on the journey of continuous improvement.