Site Storage Systems & Craneable Boxes

Site Storage Systems & Craneable Boxes - Containit Solutions

Containit offers a large range of site storage systems and also a range of craneable systems to help make sites tasks simpler, more efficient and the storage of their goods more secure. Whilst you’ll likely have many processes and procedures setup to run efficiently at your main warehouse or workshop it’s important to ensure that the external sites you operate are setup to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and best throughput.

Containit has a range of robust storage solutions such as sitestations, siteboxes, Flatpacked site containers, lifting cages, rigging cages, secure tool boxes and a range of other specialised site storage systems. Organisation of tools and parts on site is more complex than in a warehouse or workshop as nothing is constant whereas in a warehouse you can plan locations and risk assessments much easier. Due to this it’s important to consider carefully the best solution rather than putting everything into a sitebox and having to sort through it on site which is time consuming, difficult and will likely result in damaged and lost equipment and parts. If on the other hand you segregate items into specific tool, parts, equipment and material locations you are more likely to be able to reuse items on a future project that you don’t use on your current tasks which will reduce your operating costs.
The team at Containit look forward to discussing your specific site storage challenges and helping you get the best value outcome.