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Electric Lift Tables & Pallet Positioners

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Containit Solutions has a large range of automatic electric lift tables, scissor lift trolleys, low profile electric lift tables, spring lift pallet positioners, rotating motorised lift tables, manual lift table trollies all designed to assist in improving manual handling and safety processes in workplaces.

Hydraulic Lift tables not only help prevent injury they also help improve production processes through reducing required effort of staff and ensure that their work tasks are at the best heigh to suit the individual operator. Making work processes more ergonomic helps enables staff to be not only more focused on the task at hand by not being as physically challenged it also helps them go home feeling better, reduces chance or short and long term impacts to staff and allows them to be able to think creatively about other safety and process improvement processes.

When implementing any new materials handling solutions into your work processes it’s important to review the risks. Will changing the process create new risks that you need to deal with at the same time before they become a danger. It’s also important to thoroughly consider the lift table that is best suited to your application and not just the price of the lift table. Containit has a range of lift table capacities such as 1000Kg, 2000Kg and 4000kg as well as a range of table top sizes and different height tables. Low profile tables for example are utilised when you need to wheel the load onto the table using for example an electric pallet jack whereas if a forklift can put the load on the table a more economical lift table can be utilised. When cartons of similar weight are consistently being loaded and unloaded onto a pallet the economical spring load pallet positioners can be utilised for ergonomic loading and unloading.

The Containit electric lift tables utilise single phase power to eliminate the need for you to install the expensive three phase power option which can often cost more then the electric table! Our range also includes stocked options to reduce cost and lead time for your time. The concertina safety skirts are an additional safety to measure to help stop items or people trying to reach under a lift table. The ball transfer table options are designed for applications such as end of conveyor line runs where a product needs to safely manoeuvred onto a pallet.