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Containit Solutions range of conveyor products and solutions is designed to improve handling, safety, throughput numbers and generally make warehouse and workshop processes easier.

The gravity systems including the modular conveyor system, expandable conveyor rollers and the electric conveyor system all use the most common steel roller design. This large range of flexible solutions suit applications where flat bottom items such as plastic parts boxes, cartons, tote bins are being moved. They are also more suited to heavy duty application then the economical skate wheel conveyor solutions.

The expandable conveyor range is available in both steel conveyor rollers, or plastic and steel skate wheels. These systems are ideal due their versatile nature which makes them a very practical solution in workplaces where processes are often changing. Where processes are consistent the economical modular conveyors systems are more commonly used although in many workplaces there is a combination of both due to many workplaces becoming adaptable to different customer requirements.

The overall goal of conveyor systems is to more objects more easily and quickly around the workplace. The continuous line allows a large volume of products to be moved at a much faster pace with less human involvement then for example moving boxes on a trolley. For this reason conveyors are commonly used in applications such as container unloading, packing lines in production plans, packing benches in warehouse and DC’s, transport hubs, core sample areas and many more! The ease of moving products by conveyors has helped minimise manual handling efforts as well as increasing efficiency and productivity. The team at Containit looks forward to discussing your specific conveyor requirements.