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Collapsible Metal Base Pallet Cages

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Containit Solutions is Australia’s leading supplier of metal pallet cages and stillage systems. These heavy duty transport cages are available in full and half height to suit your specific storage or logistics application. These premium quality collapsible cages include a sheet floor allowing heavier items to be moved in and out of the cages easier then a mesh floor pallet cage.

These cages are engineered to Australian standards and include relevant safety factors helping to improve safety in your operation and are supplied fitted with a load rating plate to ensure your operators are aware of the relevant weight capacities. The collapsible transport pallet cages are pallet rack safe with our world first positive locking base design allowing safe storage in Standard Australian pallet racking.

These heavy duty cages not only improve safety in warehouse and transport applications they also help improve efficiency. Time to wrap and stretch wrap pallets of products for storage or transport is not only time consuming and labour intensive it’s also risky as different levels of strapping or wrapping change the risk of the load moving whereas a rated pallet cage helps ensure a safe outcome. Metal pallet cages are also helping to reduce the use of single use plastics in warehouse and logistics operations, helping to allow companies to move towards more sustainable practices and in turn assisting the move towards net zero targets.

Containit Solutions has a huge range of collapsible transport storage cages and other pallet cages available, contact us to discuss the best cage for your specific storage or transport application.