Construction & Site Storage

Construction & Site Storage - Containit Solutions

Outdoor storage and other storage solutions offered by Containit Solutions are ideal for use on construction sites across Australia. Although workshop and warehouse equipment is often used in the environments that their name suggests, with efficiency and safety now at the forefront of workplace procedures right across the country, manual handling equipment and heavy duty storage systems are now heavily utilised on construction sites and other outdoor applications.

It’s very common to implement lean principles, KPI’s, safety measures and other important systems in your workplace but it’s also just as critical that your onsite teams are looked after in the same way from a safety perspective and from a company profitability perspective you can improve the outcomes of your site-based activities through implementation of smart storage systems.

There are many systems that you can consider including outdoor storage boxes, site workstations, construction site boxes, forklift jib attachments, heavy duty trolleys, tool storage boxes, site stations, outdoor gas storage, secure tool storage, Armorgard Australia systems, fuel storage, outdoor dangerous goods systems, site box, site toolboxes and more! These are the more traditional style systems used but as companies understand the need to better integrate the operating procedures onto sites there are commonly container fit outs done with lockable shelving, parts buckets, drawer systems and other specialist parts storage systems to ensure maximum efficiency onsite.

When mobilising to your next project you need to consider whether you are ready to operate at peak efficiency. Are your storage systems such so that when your team get there, they are aware of exactly where their equipment and materials will be due to having standard operating procedures in place. Storage and safety go hand in hand, it’s important that you store safe and that your storage is done well. Contact us today to discuss how we can help assist in allowing you to get the best site storage outcome.