Economical Mesh Pallet Cages

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Economical wire mesh collapsible pallet cages are the ideal solution for warehouse storage application where safety risks need to be address, particularly containment of goods on pallet racking. Containit Solutions offers both a full and half height solution in this economical range and our whole range includes over 30 models available to assist in a huge range of storage and transport solutions for warehouse and logistics applications.The Containit range of pallet cage is not only economical but also engineered to Australian Standards including relevant safety factors and all cages are supplied complete with a load rating plate fixed to the cage to ensure operators are aware of the load capacities. These storage cages are designed for safe storage on pallet racking with their smart base design. They have anti-tipping bars on 1 side of the cage and the other side of the cage allows for pallet truck entry for areas where it’s either not safe or practical to use forklifts. All hardware utilised on the Containit range of warehouse cages is heavy duty to ensure our customers get the maximum utilization from their assets.These collapsible storage cages have a zinc plated finish. The smooth finish that zinc plating provides ensures protection for both stock and operators hands from sharp surfaces. This surface coating also helps to provide longevity for your cages which can be further improved with a basic maintenance schedule.

Thousands of Containit Solutions pallet cage and stillage systems are in use across Australia and overseas helping to improve safety in warehouse and workshop environments. At Containit we create productive, organised and safe warehouse and workshop environments through ongoing commitment to superior designs, quality products and listening to operators in the market to make Australia’s workplaces safer and more efficient.

The team at Containit Solutions look forward to discussing your specific logistics or industrial storage application.