Industrial Weatherproof Storage Boxes

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Having tools and equipment where you need them when you need them is one of the challenges facing workshop, maintenance and warehouse staff both in Australia and across the globe. Many organizations run JIT and other lean management systems meaning there is a reduction of materials and parts stored onsite and costs reduction measures can also result in a possible lack of required tools for work areas. One of the ways that teams can help meet these challenges is through a thorough end to end analysis of your processes including the engagement of a lean management consultant and part of your overall system will include industrial storage systems such as tool trolleys and parts trolleys.

Industrial tool and parts trolleys come in many different configurations ranging from linefeed trolleys, flightline trolleys, trolleys with drawer divider compartments, trolleys with heavy duty rated drawers and even drawer and bench workstation trolley systems. Whilst as end users we often want to find a one size fits all solution it’s mostly found that the best industrial storage systems will include a range of both mobile and fixed storage systems.

Another challenge in work areas is that we can tend to think our work area should be setup in the same way that other warehouse and workshops are but every workplace has it’s own unique situation and needs to reviewed just as you would review your workplace specifically when conducting a site safety risk analysis. You may even find that your work area no longer has a place for the workbenches you’ve had for years which are now effectively being used as storage shelves and cluttering your work area.

The team at Containit Solutions looks forward to discussing your specific workshop storage requirements.