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Tool Storage Mesh Lockers

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The Storeman Tool Storage Lockers bring a combination of solutions together in one complete solution. The three options in this range include full tool board storage and then with one or two shelves. These modular tool storage units can also connect to our lockable Longspan shelving, bucket storage shelving, bunded shelving and more.

The common configuration of shelves as well as toolboard allows teams to setup with storage of buckets with their bulky items such as power tools as well as laying out their hand tools and battery tools on the storage backboard. There is 26 different tool storage hook solutions ensuring that you can setout your tools in the way that best suits your particular work area. These units are padlockable ensuring that you can securely store your tools and equipment so you can be sure it’s there when you next need them.

One of the foundations of a lean and efficient workplace is based on running a proper 5S program. The first step in 5S is to Sort. Good tool storage systems allow you to visually see what you have which helps you understand what you may no longer require. It’s important that if you’re not using some tools to store them in a separate location so team members don’t accidently pick the wrong item. For example if you don’t use 16” spanners or sockets there’s no point storing them in your price work area even if they came in your kit. It’s likely that someone will pick incorrect items resulting in a slowing of efficiency. One of the other key elements of 5S is to set in order. Containit’s range of industrial tool storage solutions allow you to set your tools and equipment in order so they’re where you need them when you need them. The 5th step of 5S is known as Sustain or Maintain. Without a good storage system it’s less likely for the team to keep on track as time goes on but if they have the right storage solution it’s much more likely even when they’re busy on there’s a temporary team member helping that the tools will end up back in the correct location.

In industrial applications it’s always good to combine a mix of storage solutions to get the best utilisation of space and tool storage is no different. In addition to the Modular Tool Storage Lockers that Containit offers we also have high density drawers, workstation workbenches, Vertical drawers, Workstation lockers, flight line storage cabinets, tool trolleys, maintenance trolleys, linefeed trolleys and tool storage boards. We look forward to specifying the best solution for your industrial storage application.