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Outdoor Relocatable Dangerous Good Stores

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It is critical for the safety of staff, contractors, visitors, property and the environment that your dangerous goods storage is compliant with Australian Standards. Whether you are storing class 3 flammable liquids, class 8 corrosive substances or another chemical such as organic peroxides there is a wide range of associated risks and storing them correctly is one practical and easy way to mitigate your dangerous goods risk. Whilst there are many other risks you need to consider such as segregation of incompatible chemicals and proximity to ignition sources one thing you need to be sure if that you engage a supplier who understand the requirements of DG storage according to Australian Standards requirements.

Our range of dangerous goods stores have relevant compliant signage, spill containment bunds for secondary containment, venting for adequate airflow, quality finish for longevity and heavy-duty construction that allows relocation of your store when empty to ensure maximum flexibility at your facility. Whether you’re storing IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) or pallets of 205L or 20L drums you still need to ensure that you are compliant, and we can help guide you to purchasing a suitable and compliant solution.