Paint Rooms & Chemical Stores

Paint Rooms & Chemical Stores - Containit Solutions

Paint rooms and chemical stores are often found in manufacturing plants and even at warehouse and workshops around Australia. Storage of chemicals and paints is critical for safety, compliance and protection of the environment.

There are a number of critical things to consider including segregation of non compatible chemicals. It is important to review your SDS sheets in detail and ensure you are aware of the risks in both isolation and in conjunction with each other. Engaging a dangerous goods consultant may also be required depending on the complexity of the environment you have.

Dangerous goods cabinets are commonly required for drums of paint which often come in 20L but can also come in smaller drums such as 5 or 10L. If for example you are storing a combustible liquid such as oil then we also offer a range of bunded shelving in both standard and lockable versions which are ideal for storage of 20L drums of oil. This shelving is available with load signage to help ensure compliance at your facility.

You will likely also have a range of tools and consumables that you need to store for which we have a range of workstation cabinets and benches to assist in storage of these items.