Workshop & Vehicle Maintenance

Workshop & Vehicle Maintenance - Containit Solutions
Maintenance of your equipment is critical to the ongoing efficiency and effectiveness of your operation. Ensuring you have a clean and organised work environment is one of the steps you can take to maximise efficiency in your area. Some of the systems that Containit can assist you with include:
  • High Density Tool & Parts Storage Systems. This includes a range of drawer cabinets and divider systems which can save up to 80% space in your work area. Ensure your tools and parts are where you need them when you need them.
  • Workbench and Tool Storage Systems. Having your tools and parts easily accessible ready for the task you have to complete is half the battle in ensuring your complete your tasks on or ahead of time. Containit workbench systems include cupboard, drawers, backboards, tool hooks, divider systems, lighting systems and more!
  • Hose Storage Systems. Not only do our hose storage systems improve organisation and picking efficiency they also help reduce damage to your crimped hoses saving you money and reducing unplanned maintenance activities.
  • Battery Handling Solutions. Battery handling cages are one of the ways we’re reducing manual handling tasks for workers across Australia. Batteries are difficult to handle but with these rollers you can effortlessly move the roller from the cage to our battery roller trolley to make the whole process easy from start to finish.
  • Pallet cages, shutdown cages, kitting storage and more. Organisation of equipment and spares is crucial for picking efficiency to ensure your team have the parts and equipment ready for the workshop and maintenance teams when they require it and in the way that allows them to reduce downtime. Pallet cages also improve safety outcomes and reduce the risk of goods falling from your pallet racking onto your warehouse team.
  • Roller storage options. Unpacking rollers can be difficult and unsafe, presenting a risk of jamming your fingers. The v rack systems help reduce the risk.
  • Oil Storage and bunding systems. We offer a range of bunded pallets which are helpful for storage of your hydraulic oil both in 205L drums and 1000L IBCs. We also offer specialised bunded shelving systems for storage 20L oil drums.
  • Shelving Systems. We offer a huge range of shelving systems including standard MDF and mesh decks shelving along with a range of specialised systems such as v belt racks.
  • DG Storage Cabinets. Whether you’re storing aerosols or thinners drums we have a range of compliant cabinets available to assist with ensuring you meet Australian Standards.
  • Site storage boxes. If your workshop is receiving items from the warehouse you may not have suitable indoor storage for all parts. You can consider using site boxes for staging of items.
  • Materials Handling and drum handling systems. Manual handling is a huge risk in workplaces so we have a range of handling systems to help in your workshop including lift tables, drum rotators, drum lifters, stackers and more. Don’t risk injuries when you can make tasks safe and easy.
  • Adjustable access platforms and ladders. Containit has a range of unique and patented adjustable height platforms available to help ensure your team can access the exact height area they require without requiring a licence or harness.