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Collapsible Mesh Storage Cages

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Collapsible mesh pallet storage cages are the ideal solution for warehouse environments where safety and efficiency are priorities and transport applications where safety and longevity are crucial. Containit Solutions offers 4 different collapsible mesh cages to ensure that your specific application. Full and half height cages are available in both the single and double sized mesh storage cages.

All these cages include our world first positive locking base design allowing safe storage of these cages onto standard Australian pallet racking. Safe storage in pallet racking is a major safety issue in warehouses and incorrectly stored goods on racking often result in near misses, serious incidents and life changing injuries. The Containit collapsible cage range is engineered to Australian Standards and include relevant safety factors to ensure compliance and all cages are supplied with a load rating plate ensuring that your operators are aware of the capacity capabilities.

The design of these mesh collapsible pallets includes a collapsing ratio superior to many cages on the market ensuring that you maximise both storage footprint in your warehouse and reduce airspace in return transport loops. The zinc plating ensures that these cages have a smooth finish so as to protect stock and operator hands from sharp surfaces and also helps provide longevity for your cages which is also improved with a maintenance schedule. All hardware used including gate latches and hinges are heavy duty ensuring that your cages are a long term asset for your business. The bases of these cages have a base bar known as an anti-tipping bar which is particularly important in fast paced transport environments.

Containit Solutions has a huge range of collapsible storage cages and other pallet cages available, contact us to discuss the best cage for your specific storage or transport application.