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Logistics and distribution centres play a huge role behind the scenes of keeping Australia running. Many household products that we purchase every week and sent from distribution centres around the country to provide us with a seamless buying experience.

Whether your workplace is supporting external or internal customers your daily key deliverables are only made possible through operating an efficient operation. There is a huge range of factors that go into running a safe and highly productive warehouse operation including great staff and managers, shift planning, pallet racking, forklift trucks, packaging systems, ERP system, facility layout, area demarcation, storage systems, materials handling systems and much other warehouse equipment! These facilities can be a highly complex operating environment with huge output deliverables and many moving parts.

Whilst your team will hold a huge variety of expertise that you can draw on to establish the best possible environment it’s important to consider what external vendors such as Containit Solutions can assist you in. There are many other suppliers of goods and services such as consultants of dangerous goods or line marking contractors that you should draw on during the process to ensure that you stay focused on the parts you bring the most value to in your process. Depending on the experience that is in your team what you focus on can vary but it is always good to have a different perspective offered on your operations.

Depending on the type of operation that you are running you may have very specific considerations such as automation systems including robots, or you may have a very manual warehouse due to the heavy and bulky nature of the items that you must deal with. Whilst there are many consistent principles that are consistent across every facility, it’s important to keep in mind that your operation will always be different to other sites and what has worked for them may not work for you – don’t be afraid to make unique decisions in your facility that haven’t been done before provided you have pressure tested the idea and that they are compliant with safety regulations. Every ground-breaking concept that has got us to where we are in today’s world of complex supply chain and distribution environments has started with a new and unique idea.

At Containit Design is in our DNA and we look forward to working through your unique challenges that exist in your distribution center. Whether you’re managing the facility yourself or require us to work with your logistics provider such as Ceva Logistics, Qube Logistics, Linfox, SCT Logistics, Toll, DHL, DB Schenker, Fedex, Australia Post, Couriers Please or a smaller provider that you have engaged we look forward to discussing your next project.