The Benefits of Adjustable Access Stairs

Adjustable stairs provide fast access and height suitable to the safety requirements and heavy-duty nature of the workshop environment, defence, mining, aviation and manufacturing.

If you need efficient and transportable access, our heavy-duty strength stairs will provide the solution you are looking for.

When accessing machinery and large equipment for routine maintenance activities and overhauls it’s important to consider the time taken in each stage of the process so as to minimise the downtime of your producing machinery. Adjustable access stairs and platforms is one of the ways to assist in this process as the changeout time of different fixed ladders or stairs adds significantly to the process.

If you are looking for access platforms that are compliant with Australian standards, where every platform is subject to our strict quality procedures, then look no further than Containit Solutions.

What are Adjustable Access Stairs?

Adjustable access stairs, also known as adjustable access platforms, are work-safe platform ladders designed to make access to stock, equipment, fixed plant and machinery safe and easy. If you have high platforms, shelves, or machinery in your workplace, then adjustable access stairs are a must.

What are the Benefits of Adjustable Access Stairs?

The key benefits of adjustable access platforms include:

  • Reduce overhaul downtimes.
  • Only require 2 platforms for all activities between 2 and 4 metres in access height!
  • Precise height - no badly aligned platforms or unnecessary reaching.
  • Safe hand pump system for raising, or electric upgrade option for ease.
  • Readily relocatable and simple to safely secure next to your access point.
  • Space saving. Less platforms means less height
  • Much safer than ladders, thanks to the gradient of stairs, hand rails, stable platforms, and controls.
  • Platforms are accessed by walking rather than climbing.

Why You Should Choose Adjustable Access Stairs from Containit?

Our uniquely engineered access stairs are constructed from high-quality aluminum units for long-term use. Our stairs are compliant with Australian standards and every platform we supply is subject to our strict quality procedures. These durable and heavy-duty units are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy industry including defence, mining, aviation and manufacturing. In addition to incorporating the highest standards, we also have custom gate options suitable for mining, aviation, and industrial applications. Side access gates and sloping rails for aircraft access are very popular.

The Best Access Stairs in Australia

Containit Solutions is the leading supplier of industrial adjustable access platforms stairs in Australia. Browse our website or call 1300 603 110 or email for detailed product information.