Are Storage Cages Worth the Investment?

When managing warehouse logistics it’s very common to come across storage cages. In fact, logistics and storage cages go hand in hand. Also called security cages, mesh cages and wire cages, these storage units are manufactured from heavy duty mesh and a welded frame. They come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes and a wide choice of sizes and styles and have both timber & steel bases. Some storage cages are built to suit racking, all have entry-points for forklifts, while others have wheels for ease of mobility on the ground. Other features include lockable gates, open tops for drop-down storage, shelving and compartments. But are they worth the investment? We think the obvious answer is yes, but let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of Storage Cages for Security

First of all, how do storage cages benefit your workplace away from pallet racking? For example, a storage cage on the ground floor or within a warehouse. Storage cages can be used to safely store large awkward objects that don’t belong anywhere else, as well as keep valuable items under lock and key. Pallet cages with lids can be secured with padlocks, zip ties and other locking systems to keep your equipment and materials safe safe. The visual impact of storage cages is also a deterrent to thieves in itself.

Benefits of Storage Cages for Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is the ultimate way to maximise space in a warehouse or storage facility. Pallet racking is well known to improve the efficiency of inventory and management when using forklifts. Pallet storage cages when used in the racking help to restrain goods and prevent them from falling from the pallet racking.

Saves Space

Mesh and wire cages allow you to create vertical storage and thus save on floor space. Additionally, they make it easy for you to organise your storage by type, size and product, as each cage is a neat compartment with different dimensions. This creates neat, convenient workspaces where clutter is reduced.

Improves Safety &

Storage cages create a secure enclosure around your materials and products, ensuring that they do not fall onto employees or pedestrians moving around below. This is especially important given that small items can easily come loose while being moved and tumble. Storage cages also keep the items within them secure if well fitted within the basket, so that they do not move around - a very useful characteristic when dealing with critical spares and equipment.

Easy Stacking

In some cases, it is not desirable to have pallet racking, or you may wish to store empty cages in a convenient and space-saving way. In this case, stackable storage cages are incredibly useful, because they can create impromptu storage “units”. Stacked storage cages can be easily moved and placed in different locations around your warehouse.


Storage cages designed for warehouses and logistics are built to be easily and securely raised and handled by forklift operators. Additionally, many storage cages come with wheels for ease of movement along the warehouse floor including for picking and packing applications.


Mesh and wire cages are built from quality steel and zinc plated to help provide longevity. As a result, mesh and wire storage cages are strong and durable, ensuring that they last a long time and are an excellent investment. The zinc plated finish is also durable enough to help withstand outdoor conditions and transport.

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