Which Scissor Lift Trolley Do You Need?

In recent years, scissor lift trolleys or mobility lift trolleys have offered enhanced levels of safety and productivity for businesses. These trolleys help prevent common injuries that occur when lifting and retrieving items from high levels or off the floor. Not only do they improve safety, Scissor lift trolleys offer a simplified and efficient process for those that work at varying platform heights throughout a typical working day.

When Should You Use a Mobility Lift Table?

A mobility lift table eliminates the need for workers to constantly reach up and down when storing stock or moving items. These hydraulically powered adjustable platforms become perfect when workers need to work at varying heights.

Although these trolleys were first used in industrial settings, they've reached out into equipment service, transportation, printing and more. Their most popular locations include; workshops, furniture upholstery, vehicle loading and docking operations.

Considerations When Choosing a Mobility Lift Table

When deciding on the right mobility trolley lift for your business, it's essential to consider a range of elements to ensure that your trolley will work efficiently in your workplace and for your staff.

One of the most basic considerations is to ensure the weight capacity of your trolley will work for your needs. It is also important to consider the platform size will support the items being lifted/ lowered.

You should also consider your trolley's height reach compared to your building and shelving system. As well as the platform size folded height for storage limitations, mobility and power source. All of these elements will ensure a smooth and extended operational lifetime for your business.

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