What is MDF Board?

Why is MDF Board used in Long span Shelving?

If you’re on the lookout for new long span shelving to install in your workplace then you’ve probably come across MDF shelving.

MDF board is frequently used in heavy duty shelving fitouts and as a result, form an important part of your warehouse, workshop, parts store, storage depot, distribution or general garage.

Containit Solutions use 18mm thick MDF boards in our modular long span shelving. So, what is it and why is it the preferred material for tough storage solutions?

What is MDF Board?

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product created primarily for workshop and internal applications.

MDF is built from layers of wood cuttings and resin cured at high temperatures before it is pressed together and cooled. The end result is a strong, sustainable wood board with no knots or rings.

In fact, thanks to its durability and minimalist appearance, you will find MDF across a wide range of applications, such as cabinetry, joinery, shelving, furniture and commercial and domestic fitouts.

Advantages of MDF Board

If you’re looking for clean lines then MDF is the easiest to cut, but the benefits don’t stop there. MDF is extraordinarily resilient and hard to both flex and crack.

MDF is also easy to seal for superior waterproofing and safeguarding against industrial liquids, making it the firm favourite for workshop situations where anything can happen.

Finally, MDF is cost effective, so it’s an absolute winner for when you want extensive storage.

The Purpose of Long span Shelves with MDF Board

Long span shelving with MDF shelves brings the convenience of long span storage together with the strength, affordability and stand-out qualities of MDF board.

Containit Solutions’ own Storeman® Long span Shelving is designed to make workplace organisation easy. This shelving is suitable for storage of tools, equipment, materials, and stock in heavy duty settings. Additional shelves can be added to meet your exact requirements.

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