Some Advice on Gas Cylinder Storage

If you have gas cylinders lying about, then you really need to upgrade your gas cylinder storage situation, and fast. Containit has a wide range of gas cylinders storage cage options for the job, and it’s important to note that the proper storage of dangerous gas, liquids and DG is a legal requirement, whether you’re a business, or just an individual doing DIY at home.

The storage of gas cylinders is an important feature of compliant OH&S. Gas cylinders in caged compounds should be stored on sealed surfaces and follow the standard storage requirements for dangerous substances.

The Standard Storage Requirements for Gas Cylinders

  • Gas cylinders must be stored in a secure place.
  • If outside, cylinders must be stored with a roof covering.
  • Indoor storage should be avoided.
  • Ensure cylinders are in a well ventilated area away from other hazardous materials or equipment that could pose a risk.
  • The storage container is well ventilated (such as a cage).
  • The storage area is properly signed (refer to local  council and national codes and guidelines).
  • The storage area has appropriate safety signs (e.g. no smoking, flammable gas).
  • Cylinders are collected regularly to ensure that you don’t end  up with more cylinders onsite then your storage capacity
  • Cylinders are only transported according to safety guidelines, which include being appropriately secured in cargo areas open to the air, not being stored inside closed vehicles, and with main cylinder valves tightly closed to avoid leaks.

For best practice, ensure that you are up to date with the current Australian Standards for the storage and handling of gases in cylinders.

Gas Cylinder Storage Options

Containit has the right solution for your cylinder storage needs. While the type of storage you will need will depend on the nature of your application, these are some of our most popular:

Gas Cylinder Storage Cage

Our 1800 Gas Cylinder Storage Cage is ideal for a range of industrial gas bottle storage and includes relevant signage to Australian standards.

Gas Cylinder Storage for Use with Cranes

Our craneable gas cylinder cages are ideal for onsite use.

Gas Cylinder Transport Cages

The transport of gas cylinders is easy with our transport cages. We have two units available and both units include heavy duty ratchet restraints straps to keep cylinders secure.

The Best Gas Cylinder Storage Cages in Australia

Containit Solutions is the leading supplier of gas cylinders storage cage solutions in Australia. To sort out your cylinder storage, browse our online store or call 1300 603 110 or email for detailed product information