Workshop Storage Solutions You Need

Whether you’re running a small business or managing a national distribution centre, the careful organisation of your workspace will create a functional and successful space to better leverage your time. Luckily there’s a wide range of storage solutions, Perth-wide to choose from to help enhance the production in your workshop.

Today, we’ll share some of our most popular workshop storage solutions available at Contain-it.

Storeman Workshop Computer Storage Cabinet

Our Storeman workshop computer storage cabinet offers a unique storage solution in workshops, warehouses and other non-office areas. This unit will help prevent dust damage whilst providing a secure and lockable space to store your computer.

This cabinet will ensure the preservation of your tech with a sealed-off space for your desktop, draw for your keyboard and a designated area to connect a printer. This cabinet design also includes a fan to assist with airflow for any systems stored within this cabinet.

200mm Series Clear Door Storeman High-Density Cabinets

The storage of your parts and tools is vital in any workshop, but the intelligent storage of these items can increase the efficiency and operational life of these products, enhancing the function of your workshop.

Our 200mm series clear door storeman high-density cabinets can help save up to 80% of your storage space. Designed with high-quality finishes, our high-density cabinets are perfect for long term use. With an anti-tilt safety lockout that allows only one drawer to open at a time and a maximum capacity of 140kg, this storage cabinet offers a robust and safe solution for your storage needs.

Storeman Longspan Shelving with Large Buckets

Whether you need to store small parts or a bulk volume of items, our Storeman long-span shelving with large buckets can help. With a quality powder-coated finish, this item offers a clean and durable method to store all your items while providing extra space in your workshop.

This storage solution offers a reduced picking time whilst maintaining a clean workspace to help increase the productivity of your workshop. With 1800 litre bays, this shelving system can hold up to 16 large buckets at 600mmx400mm.

5 Tier Heavy Duty Storage Trolley

Our 5 tier heavy duty storage trolley offers a secure and moveable storage solution for stock, parts and tools in your workshop. These trolleys can be used alone or together to provide a moveable and fully accessible shelving system that can be fully accessed from both sides. With fully functioning wheel stops for added safety, our heavy-duty trolley can make picking and organising your stock easy.

You also have the option to place buckets and other storage solutions within these shelves for added value and functionality to cater to your specific needs.

The Best Tools Storage Systems in Australia

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