5 Safety Tips for the Workplace

All workplaces must adhere to stringent Australian safety standards, but beyond your due diligence, there is a great deal you can do to maintain safety, performance, and security.

If you are working in a warehouse or heavy industry that handles dangerous goods or deals in gas bottle storage, then safety is going to be at the top of your priority list due to the hazardous nature of gases.

Despite the seriousness of safety standards and training, it is possible to make ongoing safety measures fun and easy for staff and visitors to both understand, implement & remember. It’s critical to conduct regular risk reviews of your site as these often uncover new risks that haven’t been identified due to for example a process change.

Safety Ideas for Warehousing and Heavy Industries

1. Start a Safety Newsletter – Ask your employees to sign up to a safety newsletter, where you provide helpful tips, reminders and links to safety standards and procedures every month. A great way to keep safety fresh in everyone’s minds!

2. Use Safety Signage – Safety signage is a safety requirement of industrial OH&S, including how we store dangerous liquids and goods. Don’t feel afraid of adding safety signage but be careful to not overdo it to ensure the signage is read. For example, if you are dealing with a gas cylinder cage, you should have the appropriate safety signage so not only your team is aware of the risks but also emergency services attending for example a fire incident also need to be aware.

3. Hold Toolbox Talks - Small-group meetings where everyone gets the opportunity to ask questions are a fantastic way to disseminate important safety information.

4. Add a Safety Feedback Box - It can be hard to speak up, but when it comes to safety, it’s imperative that employees hold each other accountable. Whether you create a discreet online form or feedback box, make it easy and safe for employees to express safety concerns.

5. Make PPE Easy to Find and Easy to Store - PPE is great, but it does nothing if it isn’t worn or stored correctly. By investing in PPE storage solutions, you make it easy for your staff to find and store the right PPE for each application.

Bonus Safety Tip: Always Opt for Quality

Safety starts with premium quality tools and storage. Look for a company that has years of experience, deals specifically with heavy industries, and really knows safety like Containit Solutions.

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