How Stillages Can Help Transform Your Warehouse

Stillages are an essential storage solution that can offer an intelligent solution for utilising your warehouse. Provide you with the flexibility of a pallet with reinforced heavy-duty materials stillages provide safe storage and movement of your products. Their benefits and innovative design can work to transform your warehouse storage into an efficient and productive area that’ll never be short on storage.

What is a Stillage?

A Stillage is similar to a pallet, with the main difference falling to its support design, which is tailored to the material or object intended to be stored within it. Stillages are usually produced from steel and are used to transport items. Saving you time and minimising the risk of injury to employees and products.

Stillage Styles Available

There’s a large selection of stillage styles to choose from, among custom designs, that offer a range of advantages for specific applications. Below are a few of the more common types available.

Post & Pipe Stillages

A post & pipe stillage is a lightweight and versatile stillage used for moving, handling and storing large items. This variation is a bolt together design meaning it can be Flatpacked for reduced storage footprint when not in use.

Metal Cage Stillages

Metal cage stillages are often designed with either solid, mesh, or a combination of both steel sides. They’re commonly used to hold smaller products, such as clamps, struts, supports, and other items, but can also be customised for more oversized items.

How Stillages Can Benefit Your Commercial Space

Opting for stillages for your warehouse storage solution instead of other options like pallets and rack systems can offer your business a more flexible storage solution. Giving you complete visibility and access needs to move, organise and transport your items around within your space.

Storage of Stillages in Pallet Racking

Not all stillages are suitable for use in pallet racking. Safe storage of stillages or pallet cages in racking is an important feature as without a positive locking base design the stillage will either slide of your pallet racking or simply not be able to even sit onto the beams!

If you’re quickly running out of storage space and need a quick solution for the long term, stillages can work as a functional solution. Forklifts can easily stack these storage items to move your storage up in a clean pile on the side.

Stillages also offer an increased element of durability; with a cost-effective and robust design, this method provides a long-lasting storage solution, whether you are stacking stillages in a warehouse, loading pallet cages on a truck or more stillages are more rugged and durable than anything else on the market.

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