5 Storage Solutions Every Warehouse Needs

Do you feel like your warehouse has become chaotic and unmanageable, especially after you performed that once-a-ear stocktake? Well, it may be time to reexamine your setup and invest in storage solutions that really work.

The right storage solutions can transform your space, protect your goods and equipment and help streamline operations. And Containit Solutions has all your storage needs covered. From metal stillage systems to pallet racking, to storage cages, and shelving, we have storage solutions to suit your materials. But even if we don't have it, we can make it as we design, import and manufacture unique industrial storage systems suited for heavy industries.

Where you store your materials it can come down to preference, but generally, you’re best having a range of industrial storage solutions such as high-density tools and parts storage, longspan shelving systems, multipurpose storage cages, metal stillages, and pallets. Let's check out these solutions in more detail.

High-Density Tools and Parts Storage

Do you dream of a workspace where every tool and part is exactly where it's supposed to be? No more rummaging through boxes and wasting time – with Containit's high-density tools and parts storage solutions everything will be well-organised and stored securely. High-density storage systems are a cost-effective alternative to regular storage units and a smart choice for those who wish to reduce the amount of storage equipment on site.

Some of the high-density options at your disposal are drawer cabinets, heavy-duty workbenches, backboard lights, lockable vertical drawers, bolt rack and parts cabinets, tool storage boards and hooks. All of these are designed to give you quick access to all your tools and equipment, finding what you need, when you need it. 

Longspan Shelving Systems

Longspan shelving is like having a customisable Swiss Army knife for your warehouse. Whether you need to store tools, equipment, materials, or stock, longspan shelving can do it all. These shelving units come with four shelves by default, but you can add more to meet your specific needs.

Containit Solutions offers an extensive selection of Storeman Longspan shelving such as Longspan shelving with mesh decks, easy rack shelving, bolt rack shelving, parts bucket shelving and more. All of the shelving units are adjustable and feature a durable powder-coated finish.

Multipurpose Pallet Storage Cages

If you’re after smart storage with a high safety profile, look no further than our multipurpose pallet storage cages. Our pallet cages include a unique positive locking base design for safe storage on pallet racking.

Many of our storage cages are fully collapsible, with removable front and rear gates for fast, secure and easy access to your goods. We also offer lockable lids and weather covers so your goods and materials are protected in all circumstances. These multipurpose containers are bound to come in handy in any warehouse.

Metal Stillages

Whether you want a post and pipe or double length, our metal stillages are the strongest around. Ideal for keeping long and awkward items, such as plumbing and electrical pipes, steel posts, carpet rolls, and timber posts, the durable design of these stillages has all the trimmings.

Consider the many applications for removable rails and easy stacking inside your warehouse. We call that ultimate ease of use and space-saving capabilities.


Pallets are the unsung heroes of the warehouse world. Containit designs heavy-duty steel pallets built to withstand harsh environments and heavy applications, allowing forklift access and versatile use. You can't run a warehouse without pallets, so make sure you're using the best.

How to Stocktake Parts?

Besides using the right storage equipment, you also need to approach stocktaking in a smart way. You can use a variety of methods but some of the most common ones are zero-point counts, random item checking, cycle counting and wall-to-wall stocktakes. How often you do so and the method used depends on the level of stockholdings you have, how long replacement parts take to come in and even the value of your stock items.

Your Go-to Partner for High-Quality Industrial Storage Solutions

Containit Solutions is proud to be the leading supplier of industrial stillage, pallet, and racking systems in Australia. We understand the unique challenges of warehouse storage and have the expertise and products to help you overcome them. To order one of our heavy-duty storage solutions today, simply request a quote online or call 1300 794 836 for detailed product information.