Introduction to Industrial Cabinets for Dangerous Liquids

A good industrial cabinet is built to suit your operational needs and working environment. Industrial cabinets are typically made from durable metal and provide sturdy storage areas for hazardous substances, important documents, appliances, tools, and more.

You choose an industrial cabinet first by its purpose, then by its strength and quality. This may mean that your cabinets need to have glass viewing windows, lockable doors, shelves, hooks, compartments, extension runners or a bench. It all depends on what you will use the cabinet for.

At Containit, we are specialist suppliers of Storeman® industrial cabinets and accessories, which means you can trust the design, make and security of our product range. Our cabinets are fully compliant with Australian Standards and popular across a wide range of industries.

Industrial cabinets cover a huge variety of heavy-duty storage requirements. In this blog we will introduce some of our industrial cabinets for toxic, corrosive, flammable and dangerous substances and goods that we recommend to businesses.

Cabinets for Toxic Substances

Cabinets for toxic substances are essential for workplace safety and compliance when dealing with toxic chemicals or mixtures. Toxic substances can damage living organisms and pose a serious risk if handled incorrectly, absorbed through the skin, inhaled or ingested. For this reason, there are strict codes around how to manage toxic substances contained within Australian Standard AS NZS 4452-1997 - The storage and handling of toxic substances including the storage of these substances in a secure sheet steel cabinet with a high level of structural integrity. Our Internal Dangerous Goods Cabinets for Class 6 Toxic Substances comply with Australian standards and offer a distinct level of protection.

Cabinets for Corrosive Substances

Corrosive substances are destructive chemicals that destroy and/or damage any material they come into contact with - a well-known example being acid. However, that isn’t all there is to know about corrosive substances - they also need to be kept well away from flammable substances, due to the risk of interaction, which may cause dangerous by-products that pose a risk to people, property and the environment. We recommend utilising a separate cabinet for corrosive substances, kept at least three metres away from flammable substances, in line with Australian standards. Our Class 8 Corrosive Substances Cabinets provide critical safety and safeguarding.

Cabinets for Flammable Substances

Flammable liquids, or mixtures of liquids, are substances where ignition occurs at a low temperature (no more than 60°C) which means that their vapour easily catches flame. The maximum temperature these substances can tolerate before igniting is called the flash point, so any flammable substances must be stored in conditions well below this temperature. Some flammable substances also emit a colourless vapour that can irritate your respiratory and induce headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, in-coordination, and confusion. For these reasons, it is important to be well informed and prepared for storing and handling flammable substances, including being ready with a suitable storage cabinet, as per AS1940-2017 compliance. Our Class 3 Flammable Liquids Cabinets exceed compliance requirements by being structurally heavy and spark-proof, with a unique self-latching locking system with lockable handle.

Cabinets for Dangerous Goods

Even seemingly innocuous items such as hand sanitisers are properly classed as dangerous goods. Storing any kind of chemical substance falls under strict Australian standards, so it is important to classify and appropriately store any and all dangerous goods in your workplace. Low-risk dangerous goods can still pose a threat given the right conditions, so flame-retardant cabinets with some kind of spill protection mechanism in place are still required. At Containit, our Class 3 Internal Dangerous Goods Cabinets provide a high-level of protection around flammable liquids in accordance with Australian standards. A liquid tight sump contains spills, while built in flash arrestors and vent openings stops ignition in its tracks.

The Best Industrial Cabinets in Australia

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