Pallet Cages in Pallet Racking: Enhanced Safety, Productivity and Space Utilisation

Before the introduction of pallet racking cages, the traditional method was to store goods either loose or strapped to pallets onto racking systems. This obviously had many disadvantages.

For one, the poorly secured goods would often fall, causing damage and affecting the safety of workers. The method also resulted in inneficient use of space and reduced productivity since the staff spent time on wrapping pallets which took away from other tasks. Not to mention the environmental impacts of the single use plastic wrapping.

But this all changed thanks to pallet cages which have revolutionised warehouse storage in Australia in terms of safety, productivity, environmental, and space maximisation. Let's take a better look at their benefits and how Containit Solutions can help you optimise your pallet racking system.

Safer Storage of Goods

Goods that are incorrectly stored in pallet racking can pose risks, including items falling from heights and endangering pedestrians or forklift operators. Opposed to waiting for an accident to happen, many warehouses and distribution centers recognise the importance of proactive safety measures.

Some facilities choose to manually wrap the goods and strap them to pallet, but this approach is not foolproof. Human error or time constraints could lead to unsecured loads, risking accidents. The solution? Implement pallet cages for storage of goods within racking systems to ensure that every item is securely restrained, preventing accidents occurring.

Enhanced Productivity

The safety benefits of pallet cages are very eye-opening, but so are the productivity gains. Let's say you have 600 pallets in your warehouse, and you strap and unstrap each pallet twice a week on average. Strapping a pallet takes three minutes and unstrapping it takes two. When you add it all up, it mounts to 5200 hours a week.

But in the case of using pallet cages, this time will be cut by half. So at $50/hour, you'll get to save $130,000. Game-changing productivity indeed!

Reduced Environmental Impacts

In today's environmentally conscious world, the eradication of single-use plastics is a critical step in reducing a facility's environmental footprint. And as mentioned, the use of cages reduces the need to secure goods onto the pallets with single use plastic wrapping.

However, some goods may not fit into pallet cages and still need to be securely wrapped. To address this issue, at Containit we offer reusable pallet wraps. Not only are they suitable for multiple uses but our wraps also provide a continuous layer of security around the goods and come with straps to secure the goods to the pallet.

Optimising Space Utilisation

Pallet cages allow you to maximise what you can get onoto a pallet. This means you have beams in your pallet racking closer together, which in turn allows you to store more pallets in your warehouse.

The use of logistics cages with shelves can further condense storage space, optimising your facility's layout. This will save you from having to rent or purchase additional storage area.

A Cost-Efficient Investment

Even though it means purchasing additional equipment for your warehouse, pallet cages can save you money in the long run. When you consider the cost savings from reduced plastic usage, increased productivity, and the potential safety benefits, along with better space utilisation, the investment is likely to pay off within a year.

Containit Solutions: Your Go-to Partner for Innovative Pallet Racking Systems 

The evolution of pallet cages has not only addressed safety and productivity but has also redefined the possibilities of storage in pallet racking. And at Containit Solutions, we've played a crucial role in this transformation.

In 2011, we introduced a game-changing design featuring a positive lock base, which ensures that metal pallet cages securely lock on racking beams. This innovation eliminates the risk of cages sliding off, improving safety and predictability. It also allows operators to load cages and pallets deeper into racking without any risks of knocking something off in back-to-back configurations.

In addition to enhancing safety and storage efficiency, Containit Solutions has introduced a range of cage sizes to maximise available space in pallet racking. The cages also feature removable gates, meaning that workers no longer have to bend to retrieve someting and risk a industrialback injury.

At Containit Solutions, we remain committed to innovating and designing new solutions to meet the evolving needs of warehouses and workshops across Australia. Whether your business is located in a regional area like Mackay, Karratha, Dubbo, Mildura or a bustling city like Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, we're here to support your large ans small warehouse projects.

As Australia's leading supplier of pallet storage cages, logistics cages, stillages, and steel pallet systems, we offer standardised, in-stock, engineered solutions that can be relied on day in and day out. With Containit Solutions, you can take the next step in optimising your warehouse operations and embracing the benefits of pallet cages.